skin allergies

Skin allergies occur when your skin adversely reacts to an allergen. This allergen can be in the form of beauty products, hair care products, food, jewelry (especially those containing nickel). If you have sensitive skin, skin allergies can possibly be triggered by excessive exposure to the sun.

You can get skin allergies even if you have not eaten that food or used that product for years.

You can also get skin allergies from perfumes and colognes, bath and talcum powders, and many cleaning products.

Food products also, account for many skin allergies that you may not be aware of, because they occur as hidden ingredients in commercial foods. Nearly all commercial foods today contain preservatives, stabilizers, flavoring, and artificial colorings - any one of which may cause skin allergies in you.

Since a cure for skin allergies does not exist, if you want to lessen the chances of being impacted by them, you may want to consider changing to hypoallergenic products.

allergies and tattoos
According to a German magazine, tattoos may trigger allergic reactions.

allergic hives look like
Allergic hives look like raised bumps on your skin. They are often extremely itchy and may be painful as well.

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